Displaying the life and work of the painter Edmund Adler

Since 2006, the Edmund-Adler-Galerie serves as a museum collection to the life and work of the painter Edmund Adler, who lived in Mannersdorf. In the historic rooms of baroque Mannersdorf Palace, in the middle of the town, you will experience the multifaceted works of Adler.

Edmund Adler was born in Vienna in 1876. In 1894 he enrolled for the first time at Vienna's Academy of Fine Arts, where he enjoyed a solid artistic education under Christian Griepenkerl. After studying one year in Rome, Adler settled in Mannersdorf in 1910. The locals were to become models of his drawings and paintings from now on.

Mannersdorf Palace

The baroque residence of Countess Fuchs-Mollard

The palace in the town center of Mannersdorf was built in the first half of the 18th century. The building reflects Vienna's court-urban baroque architecture. The construction activity in the 18th century is attributed to Maria Karolina Countess Fuchs-Mollard, who became the owner after the death of her husband in 1719. Empress Maria Theresa, whose intimate friend the Countess was, visited her innumerable times on her estates in Mannersdorf.

Today in addition to the staircase with its original gate and wooden steps, the Edmund-Adler-Galerie and the main hall (Maria-Theresien-Saal) with its unique ceiling fresco can be visited.



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